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  • wheel rim — The outer part of the wheel on which the tire is mounted …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Rim Blow — was a type of steering wheel featured on several American automobiles in the period 1969 1973. The Rim blow wheel replaced the traditional horn button style switch with a rubber pad that ran around the entire inner surface of the steering wheel… …   Wikipedia

  • rim — ► NOUN 1) the upper or outer edge of something more or less circular. 2) (also wheel rim) the outer edge of a wheel, on which the tyre is fitted. 3) a limit or boundary. 4) an encircling stain or deposit. ► VERB (rimmed, rimming …   English terms dictionary

  • Rim (wheel) — The rim is the outer circular design of the metal on which the inside edge of the tire is mounted on vehicles such as automobiles. [ [http://www.motorera.com/dictionary/RI.HTM#Rim Rim as defined by the Dictionary of Automobile Terms, undated] ,… …   Wikipedia

  • rim — [1] The outer edge of a dented area in a body panel that is heat shrunk towards the center of the dent. [2] On a bicycle, the metal or wooden hoop of a wheel that holds the tire and tube and the outer ends of the spokes. [3] On a truck, the metal …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Wheel — A wheel is a circular device that is capable of rotating on its axis, facilitating movement or transportation whilst supporting a load (mass), or performing labour in machines. A wheel, together with an axle overcomes friction by facilitating… …   Wikipedia

  • rim — rim1 noun 1》 the upper or outer edge of something, typically something circular.     ↘(also wheel rim) the outer edge of a wheel, on which the tyre is fitted.     ↘the part of a spectacle frame surrounding the lenses. 2》 a limit or boundary: the… …   English new terms dictionary

  • rim — 1. noun /ɹɪm/ a) An edge around something, especially when circular. b) wheel rim 2. verb /ɹɪm/ a) To form a rim on. Palm trees rim the beach. b) To follow the contours, possibly creating …   Wiktionary

  • wheel type — The styling of the wheel disc: e.g., disc wheel with holes, plain disc wheel, styled disc wheel with ribs, disc wheel with flange openings, spoke wheel, rim type. See disc wheel type motor wheel type …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • rim brake — Any type of brake that slows or stops a wheel by pressing its pads against the sides of the wheel rim …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • rim bead seat — The portion of the wheel rim below the rim flange providing radial support to the bead of the tire …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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